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Personalised, Custom Ashes Caskets, Funeral Urns and Scatter Tubes for Cremated Remains

THANK YOU for visiting our website, and we appreciate your interest in our range of products. Our latest addition is a collection of PET ASHES CASKETS AND SCATTER TUBES, all of which can be personalised and come in a variety of designs and colour options.


We provide an innovative range of Ashes Caskets, Scatter Tubes, and Ashes Urns in an array of designs and sizes. We also provide a standard range of Nameplate products in three sizes and three colour finishes. We believe our range of products are creative, unique, and innovative, offering diversity in choice and options. Just select your preferred standard design, add an inscription, change colours, photographs, the options are endless. We believe you are only limited by your imagination. Every detail is handled by our family, to ensure you receive a unique commemoration of a life well-lived.


This website illustrates our currently available ranges but we are increasing our line of choices to meet ever-changing needs. So please come back and visit us again soon to see how our store is progressing.


funeral supply RANGE

'All About Ashes' continue to develop new and innovative products so please visit us again soon to see what has been added.


Our NEW and innovative designs for Infants and young children provide a wonderful alternative to more traditional choices. We have illustrated here a small selection of designs in Scatter Tubes and Caskets, available in several sizes, and will be increasing our range over the following weeks. For further information, just give us a call.

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